Pencil Holder out of Bottle caps

DIY pencil/pen holder using plastic bottle caps and emojis

Instead of trashing bottle caps, here is an easy way to make use of them. I believe that you will start preserving bottle caps after seeing this craft !! It’s more fun to do and kids will enjoy in making their own school supplies πŸ™‚

Things required:

  1. Place mat
  2. Glue gun
  3. bottle caps
  4. emojis printout
  5. Scissors and glue

Steps to make pencil holder..

1. To make the base for the holder , here I used Tea place mat. cut the place mat in to required shape if necessary.

2. Hot glue can easily bond plastic materials, so here I used glue gun for sticking bottle caps. At first, stick each cap one by one along the edge of the base. Once the bottom layer is done , gently start sticking the caps one by one between each two top tips of the first layer to form second layer. Repeat the process to make two more layers.

3. Finally decorate the holder with smiley emojis.. To do this I took a several colored paper printouts of one of google smiley images

Stick them to each bottle cap using glue. I hope these smileys will bring smile on your face:)


Here I made a video on how to make this pencil holder.. Hope you will love it !!!


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