Paper cut wall art

I always love to find inexpensive and DIY ways to decorate my home. This simple DIY project added some allure to my home. This might look tough to make but this is a simple paper cut design. I have used a white note paper for the stem design and color cardboard sheets as background. The background colors added more glow to the art. It is really quick and easy wall art.. Try it !!

Steps to follow to make this Paper cut wall art..

Step 1 :

Get two pieces of paper in contrasting colors for each design.

The final picture shows three designs joined together. So, here I have chosen 3 White note papers to make the actual paper cut design and 3 different colors(red,green,yellow) of Card Stock paper for background.

Step 2:

Draw a pattern of Stem and leaves on White note paper with pencil


Step 3:

Gently cut along the edges of leaf shapes using paper cut knife. Twist the cut edge slightly upwards until half portion of the leaf as shown.

After twisting all leaves , it looks very impressive..

Draw a thicker line on stems using a brown color sketch pen. And stick the paper to any color cardstock paper using glue.

Step 4:

Proceed the same process for the middle design choosing different pattern.

Step 5:

Here I drew a mirror image of first pattern.

To draw the mirror pattern,

  • Place the  first pattern and the plain new white paper one on another. While placing make sure that the first pattern is reversed.
  • Now trace the mirror image of the first pattern using pencil

Repeat the procedure in step 3.

Step 6:

Stick the three patterns  together using glue and pin them to wall.


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