Ganesh Mandir out of paper towel rolls

          Hello everyone!! Today, I have something very interesting to show you all. Before that let me put some words about what we all do on Ganesh Chathurthi. We all knew that, Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated with great devotion all over India. On this auspicious day people think of new and creative ideas to decorate their house and offers prayers to Lord Ganesh idol in order to gratify the deity.
When it comes to decoration, people search for creative ideas to make their decoration unique and eye-catchy. Now-a-days everyone are more interested in making eco-friendly Ganesh idols to save nature.That’s the great change!!
To place the statues of Lord Ganesh , Mandapas or Mandirs are built in homes, temples, localities and streets.These are beautifully decorated either by flower garlands, lights, etc. or are theme based decorations.
This year on Ganesh chathurthi, I made a Mandir for Ganesh idol  by using tissue paper rolls and a package box .Since it is quite simple , I decided to share this craft idea on my blog. Please have a look !!

Things required:

  1. Any Package box
  2. Paper towel rolls
  3. Colored paper towel (yellow)
  4. Scissors, sellotape , glue
  5. flower garland
  6. Lights

Steps to follow:

  1.  First remove the flaps of the package box and then make four equal partial triangular shapes from the four rectangular faces/sides as shown.  
  2. To make the top covered structure (Mandap),join all the four pieces by taping the edges together.
  3. Using sellotape stick the paper towel rolls to the mandap on four sides forming pillars for the mandap.
  4. Now make an ornate gopuram shape out of the removed flaps of package box and stick it to the top of the mandap .
  5.  Adhere gold or yellow color tissue paper using glue. Use the package box bottom face as base for the Mandap.
  6. Wrap the flower garland around the pillars to create stunning look . Here I wrapped front two pillars and the front face of the Mandap.
  7. Lights automatically enhances our decorations and gives your decoration a ‘complete’ feeling. Wrap LED lights around the pillars.Mandir for Ganesh is ready… !!


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