Pencil Holder out of Bottle caps

DIY pencil/pen holder using plastic bottle caps and emojis

Instead of trashing bottle caps, here is an easy way to make use of them. I believe that you will start preserving bottle caps after seeing this craft !! It’s more fun to do and kids will enjoy in making their own school supplies 🙂

Things required:

  1. Place mat
  2. Glue gun
  3. bottle caps
  4. emojis printout
  5. Scissors and glue

Steps to make pencil holder..

1. To make the base for the holder , here I used Tea place mat. cut the place mat in to required shape if necessary.

2. Hot glue can easily bond plastic materials, so here I used glue gun for sticking bottle caps. At first, stick each cap one by one along the edge of the base. Once the bottom layer is done , gently start sticking the caps one by one between each two top tips of the first layer to form second layer. Repeat the process to make two more layers.

3. Finally decorate the holder with smiley emojis.. To do this I took a several colored paper printouts of one of google smiley images

Stick them to each bottle cap using glue. I hope these smileys will bring smile on your face:)


Here I made a video on how to make this pencil holder.. Hope you will love it !!!

From plastic to tulips

How to make tulip flowers out of plastic spoons

Nowadays Plastic is everywhere. Even though Plastic is a known disaster we are not able to avoid its usage since plastic has become an everyday part of our lives. Million tons of plastic trash is floating on the ocean’s surface as garbage patches causing environmental problems. It is quite impossible to avoid plastic all of a sudden but we can decrease the plastic pollution by following so many simple ways.

Don’t worry !! 🙂 Now I am not going to show what are all the ways everyone must follow to avoid plastic.
I would like to show how to reuse plastics, one of those ways to conserve and protect  the environment. Instead of throwing away waste plastics we can reuse them to make beautiful things. This might protect the environment to some extent.
Here I made tulips out of plastic spoons and plastic milk can/bottle . The below embedded video shows how I made the tulips out of plastic..  🙂

Hope you enjoyed watching the video. Please don’t forget to comment if you like the post 🙂

Wall hanging with popsicle sticks

DIY wall decoration using popsicle sticks and quilling art

When you think about rain,the next thought on your mind is Ice cream 🙂 isn’t it true?  Yes, everyone enjoys eating ice cream during rainy days. After eating ice cream do not throw away the popsicle sticks. Here is an amazing wall hanging using popsicle sticks. It looks great on the wall 🙂

First I arranged the popsicle sticks in rhombus shape. Then I have placed tea place mats on the sticks. one of the placemats is decorated with quilled flowers and one with my marriage note and the last one with our memory picture . Finally , I completed this art by sticking quilled miniature  pots. You can find these miniature pots in my previous post.

Art out of Broomstick

DIY handwade wall hanging using broomsticks

Creating beautiful things out of crap is very enjoyable. These things change the look of your home in awesome ways. Lord Ganesha is a famous deity and popularly known as the God of success. He is honoured as the first god to worship before doing something new .In Hindu community, people used to present each other with  Idols, photo frames of Lord Ganesh for any occasion especially housewarming ceremonies . Giving Lord Ganesh art as a gift to anyone to wish them all the luck in the world gives them immense happiness as Ganesh is the  god of wealth and prosperity.

Here I have tried to make Lord Ganesh using broom stick. Try this beautiful art and surprise your friends by presenting them. It is a pretty home decor also 🙂