Quilling flower vase

DIY Beautiful Paper Quilling flower vase

Hi Everyone!! Today I am posting a quilled vase with daisy flowers. It’s amazing that I can use this flower vase as a coffee table decor. This looks really pretty and doesn’t really need anything else to stand out.

Sometimes you don’t use the whole quilling strip set for designing. There are always few left over strips. Here, the vase is made out of these left over quilling strips. At first , I made tight coils using multi color strips and then arranged them forming a vase. For the daisy flowers I made small loose coils twisted slightly to form tear drop shapes and all these tear drop shapes (petals) are glued together with a tight coil in the center.

For the stems I used floral wire wrapped green with floral tape. You can get the floral wire and floral tape from any arts and crafts store.





Quilling three tier flower pot

DIY Paper Quilled three step miniature flower vase

Yesterday when  I have visited  my friend’s home , I have seen a Three tier flower pot in their garden . The planter brimming with the combination of beautiful pink and purple flowers was very eye-catching and unique. The stacking of pots was drawing everyone’s attention as it is so simple and beautiful. I loved the colour choices of the flowers as they complement each other perfectly.
Well! I was very much impressed with the flower pot .It inspired me to make a craft that looks same as the real one. Unfortunately , I haven’t taken the picture of the pot, yet I decided to do the three tier Quilling pot 🙂
After spending 10 hours finally the quilling three tier flower pot is ready.. 🙂


Lord venkateshwara with quilled flowers

Flower Alankara for Tirumala Lord

Lord Venkateshwara is a form of Mahavishnu,refers to the Supreme lord who destroys sins.He resides at Tirupati, an important holy sanctuary for the worshippers in regard to Lord Vishnu.

He is popularly known to be ‘Alankara Priyudu’ (One who likes to get decorated) and so the temple is always famous for its floral decoration.
One of my friends has gifted me a gold plated idol of Lord Venkateshwara which looks so elegant and regal. Decorating Lord Balaji is quite challenging as whatever we decorate it looks invisible in front of the legend’s elegance 🙂

For the floral decoration , I have chosen multi color 5mm quilling strips.
Finally, the fully decorated idol of the supreme is here… 🙂