Quilling Anniversary gift

Paper Quilled Photo Frame for Anniversary

I believe that handmade gifts has higher value since they are unique and creative. When you present a person with your handmade gift , it would bring a wide smile on their face and nothing brings you quite as much happiness as that expression on their face with these words : You did this for me? !! Isn’t it true? yes, that special gift makes the receiver more special 🙂

I have been learning Quilling since one year. Initially I would like to thank one of my colleagues who taught me the basic shapes of quilling. With that I started learning to make quilling artworks. Since I love the art of quilling, I came up with this idea of presenting a Quilling Photo frame for my cousin’s Wedding Anniversary!!

For this I have used 3 mm Quilling strips. At first without having any complete idea what to make I started making the different flower shapes and leaves with the use of basic quilling tool.

After  making these beautiful shapes , I arranged them on a cream color cardstock paper forming a heart shape.I have used a green color cardstock paper to fill the heart shape.

Finally ,after sticking the couple photo here is the pic of completed artwork !!! It looks colorful and this is an amazing masterpiece !!  I hope you would love this artwork ..




Wall hanging with popsicle sticks

DIY wall decoration using popsicle sticks and quilling art

When you think about rain,the next thought on your mind is Ice cream 🙂 isn’t it true?  Yes, everyone enjoys eating ice cream during rainy days. After eating ice cream do not throw away the popsicle sticks. Here is an amazing wall hanging using popsicle sticks. It looks great on the wall 🙂

First I arranged the popsicle sticks in rhombus shape. Then I have placed tea place mats on the sticks. one of the placemats is decorated with quilled flowers and one with my marriage note and the last one with our memory picture . Finally , I completed this art by sticking quilled miniature  pots. You can find these miniature pots in my previous post.